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MR System Interfaces

The world of MR coils is growing in complexity as the MR system manufacturers push more and more electronics into the RF coils.  We have solutions for you if your focus is on researching various coil types or architectures and don't want to fuss with interfacing the MR system.  We have experience with almost all makes of MRI/NMR systems in use, from 0.5 to 16.4 Tesla.  Please contact us to discuss your interfacing needs.


Along with new hardware, we can provide service and support to  abandonded Agilent/Varian MR systems of all field strengths.

Siemens TIM

We have delivered multiple system interfaces to Siemens TIM sites that handle both multichannel transmit and mutlichannel receive.

Siemens STEP2

With the new STEP2 system interface comes new challenges.  let us handle those for you, allowing you to focus on the research.

Multinuclear Interfacing

We provide solutions for all of your   x-nuclei interfacing needs.  If your system has the capability, we can help connect the coils.

High Power Broadband TR Switches

Our high power TR switches can be designed to handle the excitation pulses your experiments depend on. 

RF Couplers & Components

Many MR applications require custom cabling and RF couplers.  We have designed and delivered them in just about every shape and size.

Custom Interface Hardware

If your experiment needs diode drivers, TR switches, preamplifiers, or just a route to the amplifier, we can help define what you need.

Nonmagnetic Components

We can be your source for just about everything imaginable that is safe for use within the MR suite.  If it is not available, we can probably make it.