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RF Coils for Human Applications

We have covered most of the human body with coils at field strengths ranging from 0.5 to 10.5 Tesla.  With the countless variations of coil designs, we are confident we have a solution for your application.  If your needs call for a device that pushes the boundaries of MRI hardware, we can provide a custom solution from scratch or modify any of our current designs to fit.  Contact us for more info.

Head Coils

We've delivered numerous head coils around the globe in almost every configuration imaginable 


Full system-integrated volume transmiters & close fitting arrays

Visual Cortex

Coils optimized for the visual cortex & posterior of the human head

Multi-Nuclear Coils

If your NMR system can spin it, we can tune a coil for it

Other Human

We have an assortment of coils for other portions of the human body


We can design the total package to fit your aplication