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We have the capabilities to build any MR coil with a wide variety of features for all field strengths and MR systems.  All of our RF coils are built to customer specifications and we work closely with you to deliver the exact coil you need.  We are happy to work with customers looking for one of kind custom solutions, or large scale manufacturing.


0.5 to 17 Tesla

We've delivered countless animal coils for just almost every field strength, system, and nuclei for use on mice, rats, pigs, goats, sheep, primates, and more.


0.5 to 10.5 Tesla

We have worked directly with end users as well as most of the MR system providers to find solutions for their human MRI, fMRI, and MRS applications.


You focus on the experiment, let us handle the details

Wether it be coil connections, diode drivers, or other RF electronics, we offer refined solutions to fit your requirements to interface the growing complexity of today's MR systems. 


Solutions for in and around the magnet room

From mirror stands and projection screens, to cribs, pads and bite bars; we have provided solutions to position subjects comfortably and your experimental equipment securely.

Phantom Design

Anotomical or goemetric designs

We are your source for phantoms and phantom compositions for quality assurance, imaging, thermometry, spatial resolution, or other.  

Custom Solutions

From a napkin sketch to production

Our team has the experience to help you with concept design, prototype fabrication, testing, production, and patenting of your ideas