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Consulting Services

Life Services, LLC is ready to provide high quality consultation services to your organization. Whether it’s complete MR system design and citing, or direction with your current experiments, we will listen closely to your needs and provide the personalized guidance you deserve.

FDTD Simulation

We offer FDTD software simulations of E-Field, B-Field, SAR, temperature, and performance modeling; as well as,  high resolution, detailed anatomical human and animal models.

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical designers can help shape your idea or reshape your current design into the your vision of the future and provide high quality production documentation, 3D renderings, and CAD support. 

Quick Turn Prototyping

Shave time and money from your existing plan with our quick turn prototyping services.  We can turn your napkin sketch to real life 3D models within days.


Whether it is device design, MRI system maintenance, packaging materials, or pre-market notifcation documentation, we can aide in all aspects of engineering consultation.


You can trust us to produce the most demanding mechanical parts and assemblies imaginable. With in-house machine capabilities and many trusted sources, we are your one stop shop for mechanical fabrication.


With decades of experiance with RF and microcontroller applications, our experienced electrical engineering team can design, fabricate, and test just about any circuit you can throw at them.

Unlimited Possibilites...

Our experienced team has provided solutions in all aspects of magnetic resonance and other industries, including:
  • RF coils
  • Gradient coils
  • System interface design
  • RF front ends & receive chains
  • B1 shimming
  • Machining and fabrication
  • Microcontrollers
  • FDTD modeling
  • fMRI & positioning apparatus
  • Pulse sequence design
  • Mechanical 3D design and assembly
  • Phantom design and composition
  • Circuit board layout and frabrication
  • Patent Law
  • Safety testing & thermometry
  • Quickturn protoyping
  • Circuit design and assembly
  • Wireless technologies
  • RF components and assemblies
  • Quality system documentation
  • And much more…